Dental industry lectures to stir your curiosity.  Mark your calendars!

We are proud to be an AGD approved program provider.  Our quarterly lectures will offer two (2) CE credits.


February 25, 2020  | “Oral Health and Dental Management for the Pregnant Patient.” Lecture by Dr. Barbara J. Steinberg   |  (GWAWD joint meeting with Maimonides at Maggianos in Chevy Chase, MD)

Speaker Bio:

Barbara J. Steinberg received her D.D.S. from the University of Maryland School of Dentistry and completed a residency at the Medical College of Pennsylvania.  She is Clinical Professor of Surgery at Drexel University College of Medicine, as well as Adjunct Associate Professor of Oral Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania School of Dental Medicine.  She is a Diplomate of the American Board of Oral Medicine.

Dr. Steinberg specializes in the treatment of medically complex patients.  She is a nationally and internationally invited lecturer in the area of dental treatment of the medically compromised patient and women’s health, and has authored numerous articles and contributed to major textbooks on these subjects.

For fifteen years Dr. Steinberg has been named by Dentistry Today “One of the Top Clinicians in Continuing Education”.  Dr. Steinberg is a former spokesperson for the American Dental Association on Women’s Oral Health Issues and has had numerous television appearances, including Good Morning America.  She represented the American Dental Association at a congressional briefing on Women’s Oral Health Issues and presently serves on the Health, Nutrition and Fitness Board of Women’s Day Magazine.


April 29, 2020  | “Is it Time to Eat Yet?  The Powerful New Science of Living in Natural Circadian Rhythm.”  |  Lecture by Pamela Peeke MD, MPH, FACP, FACSM 

Description:  The 2017 Nobel Prize was awarded to three American scientists who discovered the genes that regulate the body’s innate 24 hour circadian rhythm. This was the culmination of years of work in the field of chronobiology. From these efforts has emerged a powerful new scientific focus dedicated to the study of the benefits of living by our natural, innate 24 hour circadian rhythm. Dr. Peeke will be presenting the benefits of paying attention to the “when” factor— what time period should one eat, how many hours should one not feed, etc. Dr. Peeke will also outline the consequences of living out of synch (eating over 16 hours, not eating for 8 hours). For more information on the lecture topic, please click here.

Speaker Bio:

Dr. Pamela Peeke is a nationally renowned physician, scientist and expert in preventive and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Peeke is a Pew Foundation Scholar in Nutrition and Metabolism, Assistant Professor of Medicine at the University of Maryland, holds dual master’s degrees in public health and public policy, and is a Fellow of both the American College of Physicians and the American College of Sports Medicine. Dr. Peeke is a three-time New York Times bestselling author including her latest book The Hunger Fix: The 3 Stage Detox and Recovery Plan for Overeating and Food Addiction. Dr. Peeke’s pioneering work in the prevention and treatment of addiction has been profiled in the national media including the Today Show, the New York Times and will be featured in an upcoming TIME magazine publication. In addition, Dr. Peeke was chief nutrition and fitness correspondent for Discovery Health TV where she was featured in the popular National Body Challenge series for eight seasons; lifestyle expert for WedMD’s 90m members; and is host of the top rated women’s health HER radio show on iTunes and RadioMD; acclaimed TED presenter; and a regular medicine and health commentator for multimedia including the Good Morning America and Huffington Post Live. Dr. Peeke was the first senior research fellow at the National Institutes of Health Office of Complementary Medicine, where she helped establish the scientific foundation for the research and development of investigations involving stress, nutrition and fitness. Dr. Peeke was the recipient of the National Health Research Science Fellowship and Intramural Research Training Award while conducting her original research on the relationship between abdominal fat distribution and stress. Dr. Peeke is a featured physician in the National Institutes of Health’s “Changing Face of Medicine” exhibit on the history of women physicians at the National Library of Medicine. She has been named one of America’s top physicians by the Consumers Research Council of America. Finally, Dr. Peeke is a member of the National Senior Olympics Foundation, and is a Senior Olympic triathlete.


“An Update on Breast Disease Benign, Malignant and In-between: For Self-Care and Professional Development.” Lecture by Dr. Rebecca Evangelista

“The Tongue Tells the Story.” Lecture by Cheryl Shafer, RDH BS COM

“The science, or lack thereof, of medical marijuana and any dental implications.”
Lecture by Richard L. Wynn, PhD

“Introduction to Laser Dentistry.” Lecture by Dr. Pohlhaus

“Updates in Head and Neck cancer staging, treatment, radiotherapy design, and multidisciplinary engagement: Radiation Oncologists Partnering with Dentists.” Lecture by Dr. Brandi Page, M.D.

“Best Practices for Managing HR in your Dental Practices.” Lecture by Donna Miracle-Canuel, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, Senior HR Consultant and Lindsay Moore, Senior HR Consultant

“2017 ADA Humanitarian Award.” Lecture by Dr. Usa Bunnag, D.D.S.

“Aesthetic Analysis & Approach to Facial Rejuvenation and the Utilization of Botulinum toxin A in the Practice of Dentistry.” Lecture by Dr. Cheryl Burgess

“Anatomy 101, an Introduction to You.” Lecture by Dr. Joseph Pollack

“Brain Hygiene: How to Build a Beautiful Brain in Three Months.”
Lecture by Dr. Majid Fotuhiu, MD PhD

“Food and Mood: Surprising New Science.” Lecture by Pamela Peeke, MD, MPH, FACP

“Getting the Most Out of Internal Marketing.” Lecture by Sue Demske

“Evaluation & Treatment of the Temporomandibular Joint.” Lecture by Jodi Maron Barth, PT, CCI and Gincy Lockhart Stezar, PTA, CCI

“Attaining Financial Health throughout your Career.” Lecture by Kris Kornemann, CFP® and Allison McCarty, CFP®, CLTC

“Developing Women Leaders in Dentistry.” Lecture by: Distinguished Guest from the ADA, Kathleen O’Loughlin, D.M.D., M.P.H.

“Growing a Thriving & Resilient Dental Practice.” Lecture by Susan Commander Samakow, PCC, CPCC

“Advances in Current Geriatric Dentistry – Learning How To Care For Patients With Alzheimer’s Disease.” Lecture by Dr. Yellowitz, DMD, MPH, FASGD, DABSCD

“Botox & Dermal Fillers: Facial Injectables in the World of Dentistry.” Lecture by Gigi Meinecke, DMD, FAGD

“Eating Disorders & Your Patients.” Lecture by Laura K. Ratner, LICSW, LCSW-C, BCD

“Skin Cancers in Dental Patients.” Lecture by Dr. Cheryl Burgess

“Hearing and the Professional Ear.” Lecture by S. Jane Kirksey, Au.D., FAAA, ADA, Doctor of Audiology and  Suzanne Noonan, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA, Doctor of Audiology

“Slip into Your Skinny Genes: How to Make Groundbreaking New Science Power You to Your Best Mind & Body.” Lecture by Dr. Pam Peeke

“From Waiting Room to Courtroom – How to Avoid Getting Sued.” Lecture by Dr. Robert Fleisher, DDS

“Current Topics in Nutrition and Exercise.” Lecture by Tristram Kruger, DDS

“Addressing the Six Key Areas of Capital Accumulation and Protection.” Lecture by Ellen D. Tillman, CLU, ChFC, MBA

“The ABC’s of HPV all the way to Z.” Lecture by Dr. Andre Farquharson

“Nutritional Style: A Seasonal Approach to Vibrant Health.” Lecture by Holli Thompson, CNHP, CHHC

“The Oral Systemic Link.” Lecture by Virginia Barnes DDS, MS“How To Stay Out Of Legal Trouble.” Lecture by Dr. Scott Gritz, D.D.S.

“The Digestive System: From Gingivitis to the Leaky Gut.” Lecture by Dr. Amri

“Women’s Health Research.” Lecture by Janine Clayton, MD, and Christine Carter, PhD, MPH

“Legal Issues for Women Health Professionals.Women Dentists & Women Divorce Attorneys. Both are associated with pain. How do we keep the client’s coming back?” Lecture by Heather Hostetter Esq.

“Sex & Health Update for Women.” Lecture by Barbara Steinberg, DDS

“Social Savvy: Understanding and Benefiting From Social Media in Your Personal and Professional Life.” Lecture by David Norton

“Pelvic Health Essentials.” Lecture by Miriam Graham MSPT, MBA

“Communicating for Success & Leadership in your Practice.” Lecture by Sally J. Cram, D.D.S., MS

“Your Pelvic Floor, Keeping it Healthy.” Lecture by Miriam Graham MSPT, MBA

“Update on The NIH Women’s Health Initiative (WHI).” Lecture by Phyllis Greenberger

“Facebook, Twitter & MySpace All Grown Up: Why Business Professionals Need Social Media to Succeed and Enhance Their Business.” Lecture by David Norton

“Identity Theft Protection. Is Someone Pretending to be You?” Lecture by Dr. Will Marling

“What’s New in Plastic Surgery with Dental Applications.” Lecture by Dr. Mitch Krieger

“Women’s Health Update in Cardiology.” Lecture by Dr. Elizabeth Ross

“A Story NOT Silenced by Stage IV Oral Cancer.” Lecture by Eva Grayzel